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We are trying to find the best way to bring you the news about X-Perience. To do this we are doing tests on the web, trying to achieve the following:

  • speed: we want to bring you the news as soon as possible
  • permanence: we do not want the information to simply be erased, we want it to remain for the memory.
  • organization: we want you to be able to see the news of the fan club, without that means to take away the visibility of the news of the band.

We hope to polish up the details in the next days and that this new space will be useful and to your liking

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Previous news

The next date with X-Perience is on December 5th, it will be the band’s first online concert, but besides the concert, there will be a talk with the band in which attendees can participate and there will also be the presentation of the new single. Don’t miss it! You can get your ticket through the official website www.x-perience.de The ticket costs 15 euros, but until the 1st of December there is a discount and it only costs 12 euros. So you don’t need to wait to get your ticket now!

September 12th will be a memorable date in the history of our band, Alex and Matthias will be on stage with Claudia for the first time since 2007.

The concert will take place in the idyllic «Mammutgarten» in Prietitz / Elstra where we will be able to enjoy the new songs of X-Perience and also some classics that cannot be missed in an incomparable natural setting. The concert starts at 20:00, before that there will be a signing session and after the concert there will be a laser show and a flea market where you can find the records that are still missing from your collection


You can see some songs from the concert on our YouTube Channel!

The new album has been released!! you can order now!

remember there are two versions:

Standard Edition = 1 CD -> 15 tracks (5 new songs +5 classics +5 covers)

Deluxe Edition = 2 CD -> 25 tracks (15 from Standard Edition +5 rare songs +5 instrumental songs)

(to open links use «open in a new tab» option, rigth click on mouse or holding your finger in touchscreens)

Don’t You Forget is the last single released on 07-08-20! and there are two different mixes! (to open links use «open in a new tab» option, rigth click on mouse or holding your finger in touchscreens)
A Neverending Dream 555 was released July 3th at the following digital stores and streaming services I Feel Like You 555 is now available at the following digital stores and streaming services the first song Dream a Dream was released April 10th worldwide on streaming and digital platforms