We Are What We Are

You already know who We Are, you feel the same, there is something special in X-Perience, something different… We Are feeling it too.


You know… We Are all very different, but we all have a story that connects our lives to X-Perience and something we love to discover about X-Perience fans is that even though We Are from different countries, different ages, or have very different beliefs, We Are all very kind and friendly people.


Although we don’t know if that’s because X-Perience’s music attracts nice people or if it’s because it transforms us into nice people, what we do know is that….


You… and I… We…


We Are What We Are

The Fans of X-Perience



We Are Where We Are


Anything nice is welcome in this guestbook, if you want to say hello, tell us something about yourself, propose ideas, or join us to collaborate with the fanclub, we will be happy to read you!

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