Blessed Longing – Goethe and X-Perience in one song

Today we bring you a rarity in the discography of X-Perience, a song that although it was released, it was only published in a compilation in which 31 German bands contributed a song specifically composed for the occasion, dedicated to Goethe and Nietzsche.

Indeed, we are talking about the compilation «RosEbuD: Songs of Goethe and Nietzsche» from 1999 and Blessed Longing, the song that X-Perience dedicated to Goethe’s poem «Seelige Sehnsucht»

X-Perience elegantly adapts the words and meaning of the poem by German poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and does so using the 1983 translation by the renowned Michael Hamburger.


The words really flow over the music with absolute naturalness, as a curiosity to say that only one line is changed in order («procreated, procreating» comes after «cooled by passionate love at night» in the original).


It is also worth mentioning that it is in the verses of this song where Claudia shows her lower vocal register, which we are not used to, passing in the bridges before the chorus to her usual register, creating a beautiful contrast in the narration of this poem.

Bokklet interior from RosEbuD

Musically, you can notice the moment in which it was composed, in a transition between the character of the second album and the style that the producer Axel Breitung would bring to the band for the third album in songs like Journey of Life, the unreleased version of Come into my Life or more clearly in the B-side Lay Down your Guns, although this one was not released until years later.


Blessed Longing, is a pop song with a lyricism and romanticism that only X-Perience could show us and that Goethe himself would be proud of if he could hear his own words captured so beautifully.


Unfortunately, this song was never included on any other release and to this day you won’t find it available on any streaming service. Although it is not difficult to find the original CD at a ridiculously cheap price in shops like amazon or discogs.


And of course, from now on, Blessed Longing has its own place on our website.


Blessed Longing

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