Come Come Released!

Come Come has already arrived. We tell you all about the fourth single from the upcoming album

Although we had already noticed it in the previous singles, with Come Come, there is no doubt that We Travel the World is going to take us on a journey, although perhaps not so much through space, but through time.


Because Come Come has that 80s spirit, that innocence, that magic, that fantasy, that no other era expresses as well as the 80s. But most of all, Come Come Come sounds like X-Perience and I think we have here one of the candidate songs to be a fan favourite.


Here is the link to the single and song pages

The crystalline synth of the melody, the wide pads, arpeggios… have you ever stopped to listen to how many layers of instruments are intertwined in this song?


Some of them are not easy to hear, they are small details that don’t need to stand out, but they contribute their grain of sand to a full overall feeling.


That’s the magic of X-Perience, of Matthias’ brilliant mind when it comes to creating lines that give shape to a beautiful sonic universe. One that allows you to explore a song again and again and keep discovering new things in it.


Come Come - The Video

The new video shows footage of the recording in Tenerife, in a location close to the sea and if it sounds familiar it’s because it’s not too far from the location of a previous video, Never Look Back.


But there’s something really magical about that ocean-swept volcanic rock that keeps Claudia such good company.


By the way! As a curiosity, the version of the video is slightly different from the one you will find in the streaming services above, can you find any difference?

Come Come - The Fan Support

There will be more photos of Come Come soon,

so check out our gallery about the sixth album 🥰♥

But if there is a grain of sand that counts, it is the one you contribute, with every interaction on social networks (likes, comments, save and shares) you get their algorithms to show the info to more people.


And the same happens with streaming services, every play counts for services like spotify to make Come Come reach more listeners, but also if you add the song to your favourites or to a playlist, you’ll be giving Come Come a little push, which could be decisive for many more people to discover the new song!

Say Thank You - The Photoshot

Also during the filming of the video in Tenerife photos were taken, here are some of the most recent photos, but don’t forget to visit the photo gallery of We Travel the World where we will be adding more photos.

Say Thank You - The Location

In the summery, retro-style video, Claudia lounges in a serene pool inhabited only by a flamingo-shaped swimmer

But where is this pool? The pool is a private property belonging to a group of residential flats in Tamara Street, near the port of the Tenerife town of Los Gigantes.


access LOCATIONS to visit the exact point in our google map!

Come Come - Lyrics

Come Come and guide me
to an unknown land
Do Do enlighten me
Come and take me hand


Every day I get up to continue


Many signs that show up display a best friend
Feelings and emotions show you the way
Many signs you see show it’s forever
All that we are, we are together


Come Come and guide me
to an unknown land
Do Do enlighten me
Come and take me hand


Every day I get up to continue

Even if the land we see is far
and exits only in our dreams
it remains a great inspiration
we know it is a spiritual destination


Come Come and guide me
to an unknown land
Do Do enlighten me
Come and take me hand


Every day I get up to continue

Do you still want More info?

In the coming days we will be publishing more information about the song, here you have access to the publications that we make on instagram.

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