Cruisin’ Wild Released

Cruisin' Wild out now! The sixth single from the album 555 is now available on all major digital shops and streaming services

For many fans, Cruisin’ Wild is one of the favourite songs from the album 555 and although it was presented as one of the 5 new songs, the fact that we had heard a demo 9 years before (with Manja’s voice back then) made this song a classic, a classic that deserved to be released as a single and to have some new version.


So we were overjoyed when in early November we found out that Cruisin’ Wild was officially the band’s next release. 

Cruisin' Wild

2 Vídeos

The new radio version retains the sound of the 555 version on the one hand, but on the other it takes us on a journey through techno, darkwave, pop and dance from the 80’s and 90’s AND WHAT A JOURNEY!   



That atmosphere of romantic nostalgia so typical of X-Perience cuts your breath like a passionate kiss in a neon sci-fi discotheque. And you listen to it again and again and you can’t get enough, if you close your eyes you can feel how the sound runs through your whole body.


This is X-Perience! 


And if this is the line along which the sixth album is going to walk, Please! Don’t stop!


I don’t want to keep you any longer! time to read is over, it’s time to listen! carefully without any distractions!


from the following link you can access to several streaming services, so choose the one you like the most and enjoy!




The band has released a video for the song!

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