Diamar Club – Sin Ti – released

"Sin Ti" is the new song by Diamar Club. We tell you all about this duet between Lyn and Bernardo sung in Spanish.

Diamar Club is the project in which Claudia and Lyn freely explore their particular musical style. On this occasion, they present a collaboration with Bernardo, to bring us a song that talks about grief, the loss of a loved one, of a part of our lives.

Sin Ti (Without You) is a duet sung in Spanish by Lyn and Bernardo.


The instrumentation has a more acoustic and orchestral feel to it than usual, with string section, piano, flutes and more.


It is the way in which each of these instruments develops its own melody and its own rhythm that creates a sense of emotional chaos paralleling the grieving process, something that contrary to the general idea that it is often described in stages, need not be linear or progressive.


A karaoke version without vocals has also been released, which is great for appreciating the instrumental details, but with which you can also add your own voice (see below for the lyrics in Spanish and an English translation).


Speaking of the vocals, Lyn’s vocals were recorded last year, however she decided it was important not to re-record Bernardo’s vocals and to use the vocals recorded 10 years ago, during his actual grieving process, thus maintaining the authenticity of the emotions they were intended to convey.

Sin Ti - The Duet

Indeed, the song was initially written by Bernardo a little over 10 years ago, after the death of his maternal grandfather, his first close loss.


«I never intended to publish the song, I hadn’t even shown it to anyone but my wife in all these years, I did it more as a personal therapy, as a way to put my emotions in order, I was emotionally in shock and this was the only way I found to let the pain out»


Lyn creates a totally revamped instrumental base for the song and now Berni’s vocals intertwine with hers.


«When I heard the song I immediately felt connected to it, because of the recent loss of my father and the pain I hadn’t put words to. We started the collaboration immediately even though it took us over a year to get the song ready because sometimes it was difficult to handle the emotions»

Sin Ti - The Video

As the new song took shape and it became clear that it was a viable project, the opportunity arose for Berni and Lyn to shoot a video together.


And that opportunity came in the summer of 2022, recorded in Lyn’s studio in Berlin on the 24th and 27th of August, the video focuses on the figures of Lyn and Bernardo, without rehearsals, without performances, letting the emotions come out with sincerity.


A wonderful experience in which, as you can see in the video of the Making of, there was also an occasion for joy, because after many talks, video calls and a growing friendship, Lyn and Bernardo, who are two people full of joy, had just met in person for the first time! 🥰👍

Sin Ti - The Lyrics



No se que siento
o que sentiré
Con esto no expreso
todo lo que contigo se fue


¿Dónde están tus besos?
¿Dónde está tu voz?
Te los llevaste
dejando un vacio atroz


Si el amor diera la vida te traería junto a mi
con tan solo una parte de lo que de ti yo recibí


Cada dia de mi vida es un esfuerzo estar sin ti
Con cada dia de tu esfuerzo, sin embargo, yo crecí


No se que siento


Sin Ti… (Sin Ti…)

(¿Dónde está tu voz?)

Tu corazón, ¡me falta!

(Dejando un vacio atroz)


¿Dónde están tus besos?
¿Dónde está tu voz?
Te los llevaste
dejando un vacio atroz


No se que siento

English translation:


I don’t know what I feel
or what I will feel
With this I don’t express
Everything that went away with you


Where are your kisses?
Where is your voice?
You took them away
Leaving an atrocious void


If love could give life I would bring you with me
With just a part of what I received from you


Every day of my life it’s an effort to be without you
With each day of your effort, however, I grew up


I don’t know what I feel


Sin Ti… (Without You…)

(Where is your voice?)

Your heart, it’s missing for me!

(Leaving a terrible emptiness)


Where are your kisses?
Where is your voice?
You took them away
Leaving an atrocious void


I don’t know what I feel

Sin Ti - The Conclusion

Sin Ti is like therapy, helping to sort out the emotional whirlwind that is easy to get stuck in when life deals us a hard blow.


Berni: «In fact, I felt from the beginning that I should give Lyn all the freedom to express herself, that song had already done its «job» with me and now it was Lyn’s turn.


She did a very different version that fascinated me from the first moment because it made me feel a lot of peace, a point I hadn’t reached with my version»


«Sin Ti» has also been the opportunity for Lyn and Bernardo to work together on their greatest passion, music. A work that, thanks to the connection and the character of both of them, was carried out with fluidity and ease.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the work of two other people on this song:


  • Claudia Uhle: Diamar Club member and X-Perience singer, who although not singing on this occasion, provided invaluable help in production, mixing, video recording, promotion and support.


  • Michael Adam: Regular mastering of Diamar Club’s songs, who also provided guidance and encouragement to always come up with a better version.
Do you still want More info?

In the coming days we will be publishing more information about the song, here you have access to the publications that we make on instagram.

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