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None of these downloads are intended to infringe on anyone’s copyrights. And they are used under fairuse taking into account the interest for the fan as part of the X-Perience’s history

None of these files are hosted on the x-perience.es server

Although much of this material was already hosted on the old x-perience.de page, the band is not responsible for the content of the current links in this section.

Font: X-PERIENCE from Magic Fields

Font used for X-PERIENCE name since their first release until I Don’t Care Single DOWNLOAD

Font: X-PERIENCE from Island of Dreams

Font used for X-PERIENCE name on Island of Dreams and Du Bist Der Star Singles DOWNLOAD

Music: Fireworks (X-Perience Fanclub Remix)

First Released song from «+5 Unofficial Remixes» DOWNLOAD FLAC DOWNLOAD MP3

Music: Back In The Moment (X-Perience Fanclub Lullaby Remix)

Second Released song from «+5 Unofficial Remixes»

DOWNLOAD FLAC (24bits 96KHz)


MIDI: A Neverending Dream 1995


A Neverending Dream MIDI File from 1995