First previews of the sixth album!

The first previews of the sixth album are now available!

Yes! The sixth album is coming and it’s going to be very exciting!


GetNext users were already able to listen to them a few weeks ago, but now they are available for everyone.


these are the first 4 previews of songs from the new album.

They are just a few small fragments of a few seconds but enough to recognise that the magic of X-Perience is in them, to become earworms and to touch your heart.

By the way! The work is still going on, so there is still a chance that there will be changes in the songs you just heard. But also the cover and the album name we have used in this post are still provisional!


Which one did you like the most? Which one do you think would be a good first single? And what would you like to see on the cover of the sixth X-Perience album?


Share your thoughts with us in the comments! 

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