Goodbye 2023! Hello 2024!

New exclusive and unreleased photos from We WIll Live Forever, showing the great atmosphere during the filming of the X-Perience video.
in 2023 we live a magical adventure, the year is ending, but our desire to live new experiences in 2024 has already started.

Dear X-Perience fan, I would like to thank you for having accompanied us in this year in which we have experienced so many things together.


I am glad to have been able to live so closely the whole process of creation of the sixth album of X-Perience and I am glad to have been able to share with you all the illusion that We Travel The World has brought us, with each song, each single, each video and each photo.


Alex and Matthias ready for an epic video shoot

Today I would like to end the year by sharing some unpublished photos taken during the recording of the video We Will Live Forever, some as you will see are taken outside the «serious performance» and show how the good mood, the joy and the smiles accompanied us during the whole day.


We Will Live Forever new Photos

You have many more photos in our gallery: We Travel The World

the recording is exhausting but Claudia’s good humour and smile are always present.

The truth is that there is still a lot of photographic material from those days! But don’t worry, now 2024 is coming and we have time to work on that!


In 2024 the band will still be working hard, they start the year with a new single and a lot of live shows already scheduled.


And although as you may have noticed, the fanclub has had to slow down for the Christmas campaign, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a lot of ideas so that in the coming year we can have fun together living our passion for X-Perience!


Dear X-Perience fan, I wish you a happy year 2024 full of health, love, prosperity and lots of music!!!

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