HISTORY section Upgraded!

Reviewing the history of X-Perience will be more fun and complete than ever! We tell you how the new upgraded section works!

The history section was a part of the website that we had been wanting to improve for a long time.


A place to gather information from the beginnings of the band until today and present it in a way that would be enjoyable and fun to browse through it.


the section will be divided in 3 parts, timeline, press and «did you know», here we explain each of them


You can access the history page with the following link


or through the website menu: The Band/History


In the timeline you will be able to see in a visual and contextualised way the events that took place.Browse through the stories one by one, or jump through the years.We have prepared photos, videos and links of interest for you.


— we try to make the timeline as responsive as possible to all screens, but if you encounter problems, please contact us —


TIP: the colours at the bottom divide the time in eras of each album. Use the magnifying glasses to change the zoom.


The press clippings are another way to review the history of the band with photos and interviews.


That’s why here we will be adding press clippings in the best possible quality so that you can enjoy them as if you had the real magazine. Most of them will be German press, but also the international press has been interested in the band and that’s why we will offer the text at least in English and German (+ the original language if different) to make it easier to read.


TIP: You can browse through all the press clippings by scrolling sideways and clicking on the one you are interested in will open a page where you can enlarge the pictures and see information about the publication.


… that 20 years ago on the official website, there was on every page a space called «Did you know» with boxes of small doses of information about the band?


We have recovered almost 100% of those boxes and created dozens of new ones. Originally they were in German but to bring the knowledge closer to everyone we have written both the old and the new ones in German and English.


From now on we will be adding them to our history section so you will know a lot of curious details about X-Perience!


TIP: Browsing this section is very easy, just scroll sideways, below you will see 2 numbers that tell you which story you are in and the total number of stories available!



For this section we were looking for a system in which we could provide a lot of information in an organised way, but also that we could expand it little by little and above all that it would be enjoyable to visit and discover.


We hope that we have come close to these objectives, that you enjoy browsing the site and that you visit it often to see all the content that we will be adding!


Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this section work, everyone who has contributed ideas, opinions, experiences of use… the section may not yet be perfect, but know that it is much better thanks to all of you.


Special thanks to Dirk for all the information he added to the Timeline, thanks to him, it went from being no more than a brief summary to a complete overview of the whole history of the band.

There’s still a lot more to add, but that’s the fun part that we’ll be enjoying as we go along! We’ll keep you posted!

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