The beginnings of X-Perience are in the year 1989. Alex and Matthias met at school and soon realized that they had the same interest – music. In this time they founded their first band «Metropolis» with their then singer.

They bought their first instruments from the money they earned at school. Matthias sometimes had three jobs at the same time and even worked during holidays; but as he already guessed at that time «… it should be worth it!
Since that time they worked almost daily (or rather nightly) on new lyrics and melodies. After a short time some songs were finished and they joined a small record company. Already at their first gigs they gained a small fan base. After some time Alex and Matthias decided to change their music style; they separated from their former singer and the record company.

At this time Claudia, who was only 19 years old at the time, joined the band as a singer. She was enthusiastic about her big brother’s music from the very beginning and always wanted Matthias to write a song for her. Claudia was also very interested in music and took singing lessons besides school. She could already prove her very good voice in some church songs, which she had recorded together with father Andreas, or as a singer in the former State Opera.


A short time later the first song was already finished. It was called His Life (Thistles & Thorn) and should become the original version of the first single. Since the first song was now in the can, the question about a suitable band name arose.

After some consideration the name «X-Perience» was chosen, which should reflect the experiences of the young Berlin band.

After a few weeks of hard work the first demo tape was recorded, but the «marketing» was to prove to be extremely difficult. Only after weeks of inquiries at various radio stations the band managed to get Circles Of Love played. In the meantime the song was rewritten and remixed by Axel Henninger, who was very successful for Camouflage in the late 80s.

So it went to the local radio station «Fritz». After the song had been played for the first time, there were so many requests for this band that the song was added to the playlists.

Since no label was interested in the Berlin newcomers so far, Matthias, Alex and Claudia decided to release the song under their own label «World of Enigation». They distributed the 1000 copies in various stores in Berlin and after less than a week all copies were sold.

After only one week Circles Of Love entered the listener charts of «Fritz». One week later they reached #1 and they were to leave these high positions after 20 weeks. Because of this success the first bigger labels became aware of X-Perience and signed with WEA. Circles Of Love was released nationwide.

After nine months of preparation (the longest time that WEA has worked on a single) the song entered the German charts at the beginning of 1996 (number 85). But unfortunately the first high-flying song ended at number 72.

X-Perience went on a club tour and already presented some more compositions here. During the IFA ’96 there was also the first TV report and the fan community grew not only in the Berlin area.

Claudia, Alex and Matthias decided to have their songs produced by the recently founded producer team Turbo Beat in Berlin.
After many gigs and a long wait of the fans, the second single A Neverending Dream was released at the beginning of August 1996. For the first time, a video was now also produced for the music channels. The filming location was a small town just outside Vienna. During this time, the second song catapulted back to number 1 in the Fritz-Charts and also the jump into the Media Control Charts was successful again. Now slowly also the television became aware of the young Berliners: Viva and MTV added the video to their playlist.

Within only 5 weeks, A Neverending Dream managed to reach the Top 50 of the German Top 100; a few weeks later, the song was even at No. 4.
X-Perience could hardly save themselves from TV appearances. Until the end of the year they should be admired more than 20 times on TV.
On 15.11.1996 the first album Magic Fields was released. It entered the German album charts at number 22 and stayed there until February 1997. Also here the criticism was mostly very positive, a magazine even named them the successors of «Depeche Mode», which had to overcome some crises at that time.
The album was pre-ordered almost 50.000 times before the release and then went over the counters far more than 150.000 times.

Several gigs at bigger events followed, such as «The Dome», where the third single Magic Fields was presented, which should be available since the end of ’97 January. The video was shot in South Africa in December 1996.

In February 1997 X-Perience went on a club tour through Finland.
After several successful gigs in Finland, they were awarded the gold record for the album here. The album was able to stay in the album top 3 in Finland for over 10 weeks.
And there was gold in Germany as well; A Neverending Dream was refined with over 250.000 copies (19.03.1997).
In June Magic Fields released their first platinum record (Finland).

June 1997 also saw the release of the fourth single from the debut album; unfortunately Mirror could not place itself in the Media Control Charts. The video was not broadcasted at all on Viva and on MTV only 2-3 times.

During this time the three of them were already working on new songs. After a short break the first single from the second album was released. I Don’t Care was already played at the live gigs one month before the release at the end of September and entered the charts at position 43 after the first week. The highest chart position was 32nd place, and the song was featured on TV on «Bitte lächeln…». was introduced.
I Don’t Care was already the first harbinger of the second album Take Me Home, which was released in mid-November 1997. Similar to its predecessor Magic Fields it climbed to position 26 and should stay in these regions again for almost a quarter of a year. Also here the critics were quite positive «… which was still to be criticized on the last album…».

At the beginning of 1998, the first promo CDs of the second Game Of Love release were sent out again. After some promotion dates the single was finally released on March 2nd 1998.
Unfortunately, a chart entry was narrowly missed with place 105.

During the whole year Claudia, Alex and Matthias played live more than 50 times, among others at the gold award of the radio station R.SH, where they were awarded as the best regionally produced band.

At the beginning of August they went back to Matthias’ studio for their first recordings, where first versions of Come Into My Life or 1999 were already recorded. These were then mixed by Axel Breitung (produced DJ Bobo) in Hamburg in mid-October.

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