X-Perience History

A New Band

During 1993 Claudia’s prominence in Metropolis increases and at a certain point Alex and Matthias decide to change the direction of their music and form a new band.


After some deliberations X-Perience is the name chosen for the new band. X-PERIENCE was the first name of one of their first songs, so the name was also appropriate for a new beginning, but above all, the name was chosen because their music should reflect the experiences of the young Berlin trio.


By 1994 they would have their first demotape ready, which included precisely that first song, now renamed The Distance and sung by Claudia, but one song stood out: «His Life» was the first song Matthias composed specifically for Claudia. Mirror and Daydream Part 1 were the other songs on this demotape that the band started to move without much success among radio stations and record labels.