X-Perience History

How it all began

The beginnings of X-Perience are in the year 1989. Alex and Matthias met at school and soon realized that they had the same interest – music. In this time they founded their first band «Metropolis» with their then singer.


They bought their first instruments from the money they earned at school. Matthias starts to set up a small recording studio in his house, the equipment is expensive, so he sometimes had three jobs at the same time and even worked up to 14 hours a day during holidays. but as he already guessed at that time «… it should be worth it!»


This is how he was able to buy one of his first instruments, the Yamaha SY-77, which can be heard in the first songs of Metropolis and which is a more powerful version of the famous Yamaha DX7 used by bands like Depeche Mode, A-HA or Enya among many others.



From left to right Matthias Uhle, René Springer and Alex Kaiser circa 1990