X-Perience – I’ll Remember (Remixes)

X-Perience - I'll Remember Remixes
The new "I'll Remember Remixes" EP was released this Friday. Let's discover together the new mixes

Today we talk about a very special release, «I’ll Remember (Remixes)». A title, that of «remixes», that hasn’t been on an X-Perience release since the I Don’t Care remix single in 1997!

Below, we’ll look at each new remix in detail and finally present you with our overall conclusion, but we’d love to hear what you think! so don’t forget to drop us a comment!

Let’s get to it! 

I'll Remember Remixes - The Tracklist

The original version that was released in January appears again on this remix EP.
1I’ll Remember (Nordic Dance Version)3’12»+
2I’ll Remember (Atmospheric Mix)3’31»+
3I’ll Remember2’41»+
4I’ll Remember (Instrumental)2’42»+
5I’ll Remember (Dj29 Techno Trance)3’50»+

The tracklist of this 5-track EP includes the original version that was already released in January as a single and the instrumental version that we could also listen to in January as an exclusive on Valicon’s Youtube channel.


That leaves us with 3 brand new remixes with which the single, as if it were a time machine, will take us back to the late 90s, early 2000s.

I'll Remember (Nordic Dance Version)

The single starts off powerful with a version that features a heavy bass line, typical of late 90’s European Dance and Techno.


Listening to it really brought to mind the image of that B-side from the Dance and Progressive vinyls of the late 90s. A song with a different touch, but keeping the essence of the original.


There is no doubt! This would have been the version you would have heard in the dance clubs! 😎👍

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I'll Remember (Atmospheric mix)

It was back in 2003 when Claudia surprised us with her solo project Angelzoom and X-Perience fans immediately fell in love with her ambient sound.


That’s why it’s such a joy to receive this little gem that totally recalls that luminous and heavenly style, close your eyes and breathe to the rhythm of this version in which the speed has been reduced by half so that you can enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation. 😌❤


Let yourself be transported by its warm synth backgrounds and you will discover that eighties touch that brought us the album We Travel the World. If you let out a sigh when this song ends and there’s a smile on your face, let me know in the comments. 😘

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I'll Remember (Dj29 Techno Trance)

A hypnotic version with a strong 4/4 beat, with a fast bass line, synth arpeggios, distorted leads… and the BPMs cranked up to 140! This version has everything to take you back to that time when the DJ/producer was the superstar. 💿🎚🎛🎚💿


This mix that unites the power of techno, with the colours of trance, is ready to make you relive a club night at the turn of the millennium!


My body starts to move! Somebody turn off the lights and turn on the lasers! 😄🚥🚥

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I'll Remember Remixes - The Conclusion

Who wouldn’t like to have this EP on vinyl? 😍😋🥰

Listening to this EP raises a question in my mind 🤔 Normally when you release a remix EP as a promotion for a song, the idea is to create several versions that suit the different musical styles that are currently trending in the clubs.


Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this return to the late 90’s is the trend in Berlin or in Germany as a whole. In Spain there is a trend called «Remember» that has many followers and more and more clubs and even radios are hooked on the pull of the techno/dance nostalgia of the late 90’s, however it is an audience that you can rarely sneak in a new song, it is an audience that is not looking for the excitement of discovering new music, but the stability of remembering «the golden years» of their crazy youth.😅


And these remixes are SO good 😍 at recreating SO accurately the style of such a narrow range of 4 or 5 years between lets say 1999 and 2003, that it seems to me more of a nod to X-Perience fans, than an attempt to break into the current Club charts.


I said that’s just my feeling 🥰 so I’d be very interested to know what you think, how do you see it? tell me in the comments!

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I’ll Remember (Remixes)