Living a Dream: Meeting Alex

Meeting Alex was a wonderful and long awaited experience, let me share with you how I felt and how I lived it.
I had been fascinated by music since I was a child, music could be something entertaining and fun. But when I discovered X-Perience I felt that those songs seemed to speak to me, as if they were messages written expressly for me.
There is probably no better time to feel lost than when you are 13 years old, there is probably no more important time to find yourself and I found in Alex’s lyrics a path of love and hope, in his words was hidden the guide that taught me to be who I am.
That’s why I was so excited to be able to meet Alex on the trip to Tenerife.

time to relax after a great day’s work 😘👍

When I arrived on the island, I first met Claudia and Matthias and together we went to the car park where Alex was waiting for us with a big smile (because although in the videos you see him very serious, in reality he is always smiling) and a car to take us to the city of Los Gigantes.
Oh, I was nervous!
Seeing Claudia, Matthias and Alex together is incredible, they look so happy and so united as only 3 friends who have shared so many experiences together can be. And they are so sweet and nice that I soon got over that shyness you experience when you need a moment to accept that yes, all this is really happening!
In the following days, I was able to share many moments with Alex, we even had time to be alone and chat very quietly, enjoying the beauty of the sunset behind the island of La Gomera.
Alex has that romantic and adventurous spirit that has learned to see the greatness of things that because they seem quotidian, we forget to experience. He is full of energy to live, to discover, to learn, to enjoy and when you are by his side he transmits all that illusion to you and makes you feel it.
Alex is protective, he likes to take care of the people around him, it’s something that comes naturally and subtly, that makes you feel at ease and relaxed

Matthias, Alex and Claudia together and I still find it unbelievable that I was too! 🥰

Meeting Alex in person was an experience I literally dreamt of for many years, but I don’t think I could have dreamt of a better place and time to make this dream come true.
Thank you Alex for the warmth with which you received me, you are an exceptional person!

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