Magic Fields 2021 Out Now

Today is the release of the new single Magic Fields, the second collaboration between X-Perience, NaXwell and DJ Combo.

Are you ready to fill your summer with the fresh, hard-hitting sound of Magic Fields? After the huge success of the collaboration between X-Perience and DJ duo NaXwell and DJ Combo with A Neverending Dream, they are now back with a cover of Magic Fields ready to repeat the success of A Neverending Dream that took them to the top of the Dance charts.


Unlike A Neverending Dream, which has been covered many times over the past 25 years, this is the first time another artist has covered Magic Fields, but as with the previous collaboration, this cover will also feature the vocals of Claudia Uhle!


You can find the new song in the main digital shops and streaming services. We leave you access to all of them in the following link.


NaXwell, Dj Combo, X-Perience – Magic Fields 2021


And if you want to know more about NaXwell and DJ Combo, don’t miss the interview we did with them on Instagram with the release of A Neverending Dream!


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