Maschinenhaus fan videos

We gathered for you a lot of videos from the last X-Perience concerts! 🌟 UPDATED 🌟

Long gone are the 90’s, when it was difficult to go to a concert with a video camera that was neither small nor light. Now we all carry a mobile phone with fantastic video cameras!


We gather here the recordings we have found on the net about the last concert in Berlin.

22.09.23 at Maschinenhaus (Berlin)



The first Multicamera video is here thanks to the videos send by some fans. 




If you want to participate in the next videos by contributing your recordings, get in touch with us! 😘👋

Here we bring you a very special playlist. The Maschinenhaus concert recorded in 3D! A truly immersive experience if you have VR glasses, a 3D-TV or those cheap Google cardboard Glasses.


We will be adding little by little, more songs to this playlist until we complete the whole concert, and although due to some technical problems we were left without Magic Fields 555, it includes all the funny talk between songs full of curious and emotional anecdotes.


UPDATE – Now that we’ve got the high-quality audio straight from the mixing desk, we’re working on reconstructing these videos in 3D. News will be coming soon!

Here are videos recorded by various fans. Many thanks to Benjamin Barthmann, wuestenfuchs31 and MaKu for sharing their videos on YouTube for all of us to enjoy!



and a special mention to Amy Guthrie who recorded A lot of videos! In this playlist you can enjoy 13 songs from the Show! Thank you so much Amy for your videos!!

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