Moving into the 6th era

Today we will take a look back at the 555 era and give a brief summary of what the return of X-Perience has brought us.

So, do you remember the first news of the return of X-Perience? When at the end of 2019, the Berlin trio announced their comeback and the arrival of the long-awaited fifth album, the joy and the reactions of the fans were not long in coming.

In 2020 the first singles arrived and on 21 August, the new album  555 was finally released.

It’s been about two years since then, and although all that still feels very recent, the release of the single Cruisin’ Wild marked the end of the fifth album stage for the band, giving way to the beginning of the sixth album stage, which of course, they have been working on for a while now.

So maybe this is a good moment to make this summary in numbers of what the return of our favourite band has brought us!



One album, in 3 physical editions:


1 CD normal edition
2 CD Deluxe edition
2 Vinyl LP edition


Six digital singles


Dream a Dream
I Feel Like You 555
A Neverending Dream 555
Don’t You Forget
Never Look Back
Cruisin’ Wild


In total, adding versions and remixes, they make a total of 34 different songs.


Video & Photo


7 new videoclips
Photoshot in Tenerife

Concerts & TV


TV Live Show (Fernsehgarten 5-7-20)
interview on am4 (11-9-20)
Live Show (Mammutgarten 12-9-20)
2 Online Live Shows (15-1-21 & 24-4-21)



And we could add even more things that have happened in these two years, like the vinyl re-release of Lost in Paradise, the two collaborations with DJ Combo and NaXwell and Claudia’s collaborations in other projects, Elektrostaub, Witt, Restart!, Diamar Club and Klangraum8, as well as the countless photos and videos shared on social networks.


The return of our favourite band was a long time coming, but with all this quantity and quality the wait was worth it. And now we are waiting for the first musical notes of the sixth era to begin to arrive….


And you? what did you like the most of the 555 album stage and what would you like to see in the next one? 


Leave us your comments!!

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