New Angelzoom release! – 80’s Forever

The voice of an Angel is back. The new song ‘80’s Forever’ is Angelzoom's first release in 11 years!

Since the return of X-Perience in 2020, one question has been in the air continuously, ‘will Angelzoom return too?’ However the answer was always the same, ‘this is not Angelzoom’s time’.


But we are what we are, we are the fans who waited, and 4 years after the return of X-Perience, 11 years since the last release of Angelzoom, the time has come.


80’s Forever is the first of 5 new songs to be released digitally on the “Grateful” EP and physically alongside the limited edition double vinyl 20th anniversary edition of Angelzoom’s first album, both due for release on 27.09.24.

Here is the link to the single and song pages

80's Forever - The Song

80’s Forever is an ode to an incombustible decade that marked our lives, a cry to escape from an increasingly grey, minimalist and monotonous world to a time where colour mattered, where emotions mattered.

Angelzoom 80's Forever cover

With a powerful synthpop sound, a heavy beat and dizzying vocals, Angelzoom’s new song sounds very different from the dreamscapes and «atmos-feeric» sounds of the first album, it sounds very different from the darkwave that flowed through the tracks of the second album, but the basis of Angelzoom remains the same, it is Claudia taking us by the hand and accompanying us through a journey to escape for a few minutes from the reality that surrounds us to a better world.

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80‘s Forever, as Claudia commented on her Tik Tok account, “is only the first song of five” and if there is one thing that the style of 80’s Forever has, it is the possibility of drawing the attention of the public and the networks of a very different world to the one that saw Angelzoom’s second album take shape.

Hopefully, before September arrives, we’ll have heard some more songs from the new EP ‘Grateful’ so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

80's Forever - The Video

Two videos have been released along with the song, the official one has surpassed 20K views on Youtube in just two days, in it we can see Claudia as a reporter with a spectacular eighties look surrounded by images that help us to remember with nostalgia those times.

You can also see Lyn de la Llana! who not only participates in the video, but also as a background singer in the song.

The day after the song’s release, a lyric video was also published.

Grateful - The EP

80’s Forever doesn’t come alone, but as part of an EP with 5 new songs, Grateful, which is also the name of another of the songs on the EP.


And here two questions arise: is the name a nod to how Claudia feels about the affection with which so many people have been encouraging her to take up this project?

And is the rose on the cover a nod to the band that has been covered on the two Angelzoom albums?


2Seek Your Own
3And I Run
4Is Time (First and Last)
580’s Forever

In total, 15 minutes of new music from Angelzoom, which will only be available digitally from 27 September, either by purchasing the EP as an MP3 or by streaming.


But if you’re a lover of the physical, Angelzoom has one more surprise in store for you!

Angelzoom - The 20th Anniversary

20 years will be 2024 since the release of Angelzoom’s first album. Today the limited edition 20th anniversary edition of Angelzoom is available for pre-order.



An album full of timeless magic that maintains the pleasure of sitting down and taking the time to perform an act of active listening, letting Claudia’s voice guide you once again through her inner world and enjoying the comforting sensation of peace that invades your body and mind.

The double vinyl will feature the complete first album +1 side B ‘ The World Between’ which was originally released on the single Fairyland. And on side D there will also be the 5 new songs from the new Grateful EP, including of course, 80’s Forever!


A1Turn The Sky4’47»
A2Back In The Moment4’23»
A3Blasphemous Rumours3’23»
A5Guardian Angel3’09»
B2Bouncing Shadows3’09»
B4Dream In A Church2’46»
B6Falling Leaves1’06»
C1Newborn Sun3’51»
C2Into My Arms4’03»
C3Christmas Dream3’00»
C4Peace Of Mind2’38»
C5The World Between3’03»
D2Seek Your Ownx’xx»
D3And I Runx’xx»
D4Is Time (First and Last)x’xx»
D580’s Foreverx’xx»

80's Forever - The Lyrics

Driving down the midnight highway

Neon lights illuminating the way

Synthesizer melodies in the air

80s vibes taking us somewhere


Drums thumping like a heartbeat of the night

Glowing screens, colors shining bright Lost

Lost in a world of pixels and dreams

Synthwave magic, it’s not what it seems



Dancing to the rhythm, feeling alive

In this neon city, we can’t hide

Let the synthesizers take us away

To the place where the 80s forever stay


80s Forever


Driving down the highway

Music is what holds us together

Emotional melodies are in the air

Music vibes, taking us somewhere

Do you still want More info?

In the coming days we will be publishing more information about the song, here you have access to the publications that we make on instagram.

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