New Gallery section

Today we present a new section on the website with which you can enjoy a lot of photos of the band, photoshots, live performances and much more.

Because, we love the music and videos of X-Perience, but without a doubt, we also love the photos! And with this new section we will be able to have an easy access to dozens of photos of the band from all eras.

By the way! to accommodate this new section and to keep the site simple to use, we have made some changes to our navigation menu and where you used to see «music» you will now see «media» and inside you will see 3 options. Music which brings together the old «releases» and «songs A-Z» sections, the new Gallery section and finally the videos section.

We hope you find the navigation easy to understand and manage and that you find your favourite photos in the selection with which we have started this new section.


And yes! the idea is to keep expanding this new section with more galleries and improve the existing ones by adding new photos, so remember to check the page from time to time and if you have photos you want to share, we would be delighted if you contact us!


The next photo gallery we will add will be about Angelzoom but which one do you prefer? a gallery of the first album or the second one? leave your comment!

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