The Band section Upgraded!

Today we present the improved Band Members section, more complete, with much more information and content but also faster and easier to navigate!

The Band Members section is one of the most visited parts of the website, and yet it was also one of the parts that hadn’t been updated for the longest time, so it was time to make some improvements 💪

Alex Kaiser complete profile
Now each member has is own page with a lot of info

On an organisational level, you will now find in a single space both the band members, Alex, Claudia and Matthias, and other related people such as producers or other musicians 😍

On a technical level, we have also made some improvements that allow you to enjoy a smoother and more efficient loading, so that even if the section is growing, you will still enjoy a fast loading 😎👍

Claudia Uhle bio info
you have biographic info of the band members

But the best part is that now we offer you much more information! Each person will have their own space where you will be able to see photos, videos, biography, links…

At the moment the profiles of Alex, Claudia and Matthias are available, as well as Andreas, Bernd and Lyn, but little by little we will be adding more!  🥰

Matthias Uhle profile upgraded
you will also find pictures, profile data and links

As always when we make this kind of changes we thank you for visiting the new section, so if you find something that doesn’t work properly, please let us know so we can fix it 😘

And remember that any idea that comes to mind that you want to see on this website, we are open to all your suggestions! ♥

We hope you enjoy the new section! 🤗

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