These are the members of X-Perience

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Alex Kaiser: Lyrics

Name: Alexander Kaiser

Spitzname: Alex

Geburtstag: 07.04.1973

Größe: 180cm

Geburtsort: Eisenach

Wohnort: Berlin

Haarfarbe: dunkelbraun

Erlernter Beruf: Bankkaufmann, Fachgebiet Aktien

Hobbies: Telefonieren

Lieblingsmusik: Sisters Of Mercy, Metallica

Erste CD: Frankie Goes To Hollywood – «Welcome To…»

He wrote the lyrics that play an important role in the band’s music. «We process what we have seen and experienced. If you go through the world with your eyes open, there are many things to tell about.»


Already as a 7-year-old Alex played the guitar. Music remained his passion. That’s why he went to Berlin. Being a music professional was always his goal, and he achieved that goal, as did his bandmates. We always pushed through and of course now enjoy the confirmation we get for our work.»

Claudia Uhle: Vocals

Name: Claudia Uhle

Spitzname: Claudi

Geburtstag: 15.03.1976

Größe: 172cm

Geburtsort: Berlin

Wohnort: Berlin

Haarfarbe: normalerweise dunkel-blond

Erlernter Beruf: musikalisches Gymnasium

Hobbies: Freunde treffen

Lieblingsmusik: Chandeen, De/Vision, Simple Minds

Erste CD: Camouflage «The Great Commandment»

With her three-octave voice, the red-haired vamp gives X-Perience its unique, unmistakable character. Whether up-tempo numbers (I Dont Care) or ballads (Take Me Home) – Claudia always finds the right expression to ennoble the good X-Perience songs.
No wonder, Claudia always wanted to become a singer. During her school years she sang in various choirs, and as a teenager she even sang at the German State Opera.

Claudia is not only extremely talented as a singer: as a child she had flute and piano lessons. «To finance my singing lessons, I accompanied church services as an organist in many parishes in Berlin.» Fortunately, she no longer has to do that today. The hard training and her crystal clear voice have made her a successful pop singer. Claudia’s voice – a marvel with which she sometimes has her problems. «I have to move quite often, unfortunately. Most landlords don’t like the fact that I also like to sing in the shower after my forays through Berlin’s nightlife.»

Matthias Uhle: Music

Name: Matthias Uhle

Spitzname: Matze

Geburtstag: 17.03.1973

Größe: 189cm

Geburtsort: Bernburg

Wohnort: Berlin

Haarfarbe: normalerweise blond

Erlernter Beruf: Versicherungsangestellter

Hobbies: Zeitschriften und CDs sammeln

Lieblingsmusik: Camouflage, Jean-Michael Jarre, viel Dance

Erste CD: Camouflage «Voices & Images»

In his studio in Berlin, the music worcaholic often spends nights tinkering with new sounds and tones. «At some point I no longer notice anything around me. I even often forget to eat and drink. Then I’m like in a trance and only want to realise my idea. In the morning I wake up Claudia and Alex. And play them my new ideas on the phone.

Matthias is obsessed with music. When he was at school, he regularly worked long 14-hour shifts during his summer holidays to buy the latest keyboards and effects units.
We play new songs to friends, see how they react. But only Pünktchen the cat is a perfect hit barometer. If she doesn’t like a song, she jumps on my piano and runs over the keys. If a song is good, she creeps around the speakers.