Alex Kaiser

Alex Kaiser


Born in Eisenach on 07-04-1973, he starts playing the guitar at the age of 7 and soon music becomes his passion, which is why he moves to Berlin to study, where he meets Matthias. Together they form an EDM/Darkwave band called Metropolis of Enigation.


In 1994, they decide to change their style and together with Matthias, his sister Claudia, and with a new name, X-Perience, they start working on the new project.


Alex is the lyricist of X-Perience, he has a romantic soul and his eyes reflect his capacity to be fascinated by life. But he is also known for his joy during his performances: while playing keyboards, bass or dancing, he cheers up the audience with clapping hands and a smile full of love.


Nowadays his life is divided between Hamburg, where he runs a video production company and Tenerife, his personal Island of Dreams, but of course Berlin and X-Perience remain an important part of his work and his heart.


Name:Alexander Kaiser
Height:180 cm
Place of residence:Hamburg
Hair Colour:dark brown
Favourite Music:Sisters Of Mercy, Metallica
First CD:Frankie Goes To Hollywood – «Welcome To…»
Proffesion:Musician, Video Production
Instrument:Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Bands:X-Perience, Metropolis of Enigation