José Álvarez-Brill

Jose Alvarez Brill


José Álvarez-Brill (3-2-1963, † 16-10-2020) was a great and famous producer, known to X-Perience fans especially for his 3 remixes of the band’s first hits included on the fourth album, in 2020 he passed away, after a long struggle with a tough illness. In this space of our humble web page, we would like to contribute our grain of sand to honour his memory. 

José Alvarez-Brill started in 1982 studying Economics, Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences FH Aachen, but as soon as he finished his studies in 1990 he started to get involved in different musical projects in the style of eurodance and darkwave, forming a team with Gento Navaho and Carlos Perón and produced Wolfsheim’s debut album in 1992. In that year he also founded his recording studio Pleasurepark Studios, where artists of the stature of Schiller, Camouflage, Depeche Mode and many more have passed through.

In 1998 he produced the song «Die Flut» by Joachim Witt & Peter Heppner, which stayed 37 weeks in the German charts, reaching number 2 and going platinum by selling more than 900.000 copies.


He founded several bands such as Unheilig in 1999 or Care Company in 2001


he has received several gold and platinum records and he was nominated in 2004 for an ECHO award for best producer.


Success and impeccable work made Universal Music Publishing want to maintain a closer relationship with him and in 2005 they signed a long-term contract.


In 2006 he works together with X-Perience to produce 3 remixes of classic XP songs, which were included on X-Perience’s fourth album. The remixes feature new voice recordings and a powerful, updated eurodance sound.


Although the first contact with X-Perience was a few years earlier, in 2003, when Claudia and he met, working on the Eternal Minds project.

In the following years, he began to shape the cooperation of various companies with the intention of offering the artist a total service, from production to distribution and promotion. Thus, in 2017 Fasterone Music is formalized.


His last band Neufeld ist a tribute band to Wolfsheim, in which, together with Sven Kordaß on keys and saxo and with Frank Körner-Steding who perfectly reproduces Heppner’s vocal style, he had in mind to start rescuing the classic songs with the intention of adding his own titles later on.


Name:José Álvarez-Brill
Place of residence:Berlin
Death date:16-10-2020
Hair Colour:brown
Favourite Music:xxx
Proffesion:Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Mixer
Bands:Nine-O-Nine, Unheilig, Care Company, Neufeld…