Matthias Uhle

Matthias Uhle


Born on 17-03-73, he formed his first band, Metropolis of Enigation in 1989 with his school friend Alex, an EDM band with Depeche Mode influences.

After Claudia joined Metropolis and became more and more prominent, around 1994 they decided to give the band a musical twist, leaving Claudia as lead vocalist and started working on new songs under the name X-Perience.

By day Matthias works up to three jobs, working 14 hours a day to be able to afford the synthesizers and other equipment he uses to create his music. When it comes to composing, Matthias is a night owl, he can stay up all night searching for the inspiring sounds and melodies that form the songs of X-Perience.

«At some point I no longer notice anything around me. I even often forget to eat and drink. Then I’m like in a trance and only want to realise my idea. In the morning I wake up Claudia and Alex. And play them my new ideas on the phone.»


Name:Matthias Uhle
Height:188 cm
Place of residence:Berlin
Hair Colour:Blond
Hobbies:Computer, Musik, Mathematic
Favourite Music:Camouflage, De/Vision, Jean Michel Jarre
First CD:Camouflage – Voices & Images
Bands:X-Perience, Metropolis of Enigation