Video section Revamped

We present the revamped video section of the website

we continue with the advances on the website. And today, coinciding with the one week anniversary of the release of the last Cruisin’ Wild videoclip, which only a few hours ago, surpassed 55.555 reproductions, we present you the new video section of the fanclub website.

With this section, we offer you a place where the X-Perience fan will find a lot of interesting videos and information about them in a fluid and structured navigation.

Although we had a section dedicated to videos, it really needed some changes in many ways. For example, videos are one of the biggest files that move on the internet and that meant that when we wanted to show you several videos in one place, the performance of the page was very bad and it took a long time to work.

In the new video section we have managed to increase performance by more than 50% even loading more videos than before!

But also, as you can see, we can now add interesting information, such as the location of a concert, the date of an interview, information about the film crew of a videoclip and much more.

We hope you enjoy this section and as we will be gradually adding new videos and new information, we invite you to visit it from time to time.

And if you know of any video that you think might be interesting, please contact us and we will find a place for it.

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