X-Perience released I’ll Remember for Eurovision

X-Perience I'll Remember front cover
I'll Remember is the new song with which X-Perience presents to Eurovision a message full of emotion about our common past and looking forward to a promising future that we can build together.

Today we present you the new X-Perience song, the videos, lyrics and links to streaming services, but first, let me tell you the story about I’ll Remember, Eurovision and why we can be proud of our favourite band.


I remember that it was during my stay in Berlin to see X-Perience live, that Matthias told me for the first time about the possibility to apply for Eurovision, at that time there were doubts, normal! Eurovision is something very big! It’s one of those adventures that are a bit scary.


But I thought it was a wonderful idea! I’ve always been very afraid to step out of my comfort zone, but it was X-Perience that inspired me to dare to go beyond my limits, it’s the only way to succeed in personal growth.


What would have happened if the young Berlin trio hadn’t risked their capital to double 1000 units of their first self-produced CD in 1995? There was also uncertainty when they were working on the album 555, but what would have happened if they hadn’t risked returning to the music scene with such strength?


Well, I tell you what would have happened, nothing. None of what happened would have happened.


That’s why I’m so happy to see that X-Perience still feels like a band so full of energy, so full of vitality, so eager to move forward, to discover and to experiment… and wasn’t that the reason for taking the name of the band? to express the experiences of the Berlin trio? 😉

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I'll Remember - Eurovision Song Contest

Valicon has released an instrumental version, you can listen to it while we chat about eurovision. 😁👍

The Eurovision competition is tough, at the time X-Perience submitted their entry, there were already more than 900 songs submitted to represent Germany in Malmö!


At the moment we know that about 32 songs have been pre-selected, that many of the rejected songs have already been notified that they did not make it through the pre-selection and that X-Perience has not received this notification yet… so they could be in!


I also know that there are people who are suspicious of the Eurovision Song Contest, although I don’t know the specific reasons for this disaffection among Germans, I’m sure that the stories of tongos and favouritism that always surround the festival in controversy are very similar to the stories we know in Spain. That’s why some people who love X-Perience and don’t want to see their beloved band involved in such controversies, have shown their rejection or bewilderment when they heard the news.


However, I see the participation in a very positive perspective and it’s not even about winning the contest and the band suddenly attracting the attention of a lot of people who don’t care about X-Perience and who will forget their music as soon as the next trend appears on social media.


My perspective is to reach out to the real X-Perience fans who still don’t know that X-Perience is back! Yes, I too have been surprised how many times I have read comments on social media during 2023 from people who just found out with the sixth album that Claudia, Matthias and Alex are back.


How was it possible that there was anyone left to find out that X-Perience had returned in 2020 with album 555?


So imagine the possibilities that Eurovision would have to warn all the fans all over Europe about the return of X-Perience!

I'll Remember - The Video

Today 19th the official video with Claudia’s voice (and Bernd doing the backing vocals!) will be presented at 17:00. If you enter at the time of the premiere you will be able to participate in the live chat!


There is also an instrumental version courtesy of Valicon!

I’ll Remember is a song with a message on different levels, on a certain level it speaks of something personal, it speaks of «you and me» the connection between two people throughout their lives through music.


Music is an incredibly powerful stimulus when it comes to generating lasting memories, those that you thought were lost and that come back to you when you suddenly hear even a few notes of that song….


But what if it were a message for the whole of Europe? What if it spoke of all our history together? Of all the positive things we have created over the centuries? what if it spoke of the will to continue building a better Europe to be proud of?


and… (okay, let’s keep the distance from what I’m about to say, but…) if Beethoven gave Europe the Hymn of Joy 200 years ago, I’ll Remember also feels like a Hymn from X-perience to a Europe that wants to reconcile, to reach out and embrace each other, focusing on all that unites us, both the past we come from and the future we wish for.

I'll Remember - Lyrics

Music is my soul delight
guiding me into the light
Every sound that sets me free
Music is the soul in me


All the Hights and all the lows
All the ways we used to go
All the things we did not share
Music is the way we care


I’ll Remember
The beautiful songs we listen together
We surrender
Sing with me right now and forever


Every chord we feel so pure
Every note our spirits cure
Every song that sets us Free
Every style we used to be

A Universal Melody
A song we wrote for you and me
Nothing but eternal grace
Our Music is the secret place


I’ll Remember
The beautiful songs we listen together
We surrender
Sing with me right now and forever


I’ll Remember
The beautiful songs we listen together
We surrender
Sing with me right now and forever


I’ll Remember


We surrender

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