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Latest locations added:

Videoshot – Dream a Dream


Other – Heubergerweg 6 

The old home of the Uhle Family and the first  Matthias’ homestudio 

Other – Valicon Studios

VALICON Producer Forum is the studio where X-perience has produced its latest album

Other – Jelänger Jelieber Restaurant

the band’s first gold award for their album Magic Fields was presented and celebrated at this restaurant.

Videoshot – Magic Fields

Filmed at several points of Sudafrica

Videoshot – Game Of Love

Lützow Bar is where Game Of Love video was shoted 

Photoshot – Return To Paradise

Invaliden Park, in Berlin was the place for the Return to Paradise single cover and some other promo photos

Videoshot – Return To Paradise

the Blavand beach and the old bunkers served as a background for the video clip Return To Paradise

Videoshot – I Feel Like You 555

Shoted at «La Antena de El Medano» – Tenerife

Live Show – Freyburg

Live Show –  Fersehgarten 2020

First public appearance of X-Perience in 2020

Live Show –  Fersehgarten 2007

X–Perience plays I Feel Like You in the Last show with Claudia until she come back in 2019

Live Show –  Elektrisch Club Toy

Live Show – Prietitz Mammutgarten

Concert at Mammutgarten in Prietitz / Elstra

Live Show – #1 Concert Online

The First Concert Online was made in Valicon Studios

Non Located Yet…

Videoshot – I Don’t Care

The Hotel at this video

Photoshot – Take Me Home

The Places showed in the boklet