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Bernd Wendlandt: Producer

Bernd was the co-producer with Ingo Politz of the two first X-Perience albums and some tracks of the third, but he is also the producer of the last X-Perience album, 555.

Ingo Politz: Producer

Ingo was the co-producer with Bernd Wendlandt of the two first X-Perience albums. They also produced some tracks of the third album, and work together with Claudia and Bernd in the Angelzoom music 

Axel Breitung: Producer

Axel was the producer of the some tracks of the third X-Perience albums, but he also produced some other X-Perience tracks as Blessed Longing or Lay Down Your Guns. 

Manja Wagner: Singer

When the paths of X-Perience and Claudia parted, Alex and Matthias had the arduous task of finding a new lead voice for the band. Manja had that voice and was with the band for several years

Marilyn Müller: Singer

Marilyn was for many years the second voice of X-Perience in concerts. They met at Turbobeat Studios almost 25 years ago and immediately a great friendship developed that still continues today

Jodie Morrill: Singer

Jodie was only 11 years old when she participated in the «Du Bist Der Star» casting . The band liked her voice so much that they recorded a duet with her for Fireworks, the English version of the song.

Andreas Uhle: Musician

Andreas is the father of Matthias and Claudia. He is a trumpet player and play the trumpet in Game Of Love, but he also accompanied the band in the concerts and created trumpet arrangements for other songs.