DIAMAR CLUB – Hungry (for life) – Released

Today "Hungry (for life)", the latest song by Diamar Club (Claudia+Lyn), is released on streaming and digital stores

Hungry is a song that overwhelmed us from the first second we heard it. It’s clear that 2020 was not a good year for anyone, but it is even worse if you also have to live a disease that is not only able to take your life, but to take away the will to live. You live every day making the same decision over and over again, not to give up.


In a situation like this, having the right people on your side is vital to keep you going and luckily Lyn had them.


And she had the music too.



It was in the song Seele/Alma by Klangraum8 that Lyn spoke to us, now in the past, now recovered, about what happened and although the song had a dark atmosphere, it brought a message for all of us, a positive teaching learned from her experience.


But this time, Lyn opens her heart to a darker moment, full of uncertainties, without raising her voice to our ears she is able to cry out heartbreakingly straight to our soul,


The song creates a hypnotic space, where the rougher and more aggressive sounds of the rhythm contrast, giving a sensation of mechanical advance, while the synthesizers with soft sounds produce a sensation of amplitude in space, but whose repetitive structure locks us in time.


The song is accompanied by a video, where the dreamlike compositional style of Lyn and Claudia, shines telling you a story, not through facts, but through emotions and that’s why every detail you see, symbolizes something that can not be told directly, but that your heart is able to understand and feel. That… that’s being an artist!


Dear Lyn, It only remains for me to say that I am glad to know that you are feeling better, and thank you for sharing such an intimate experience in such a beautiful way


Below you have the video and the lyrics of the song. But first we leave you links to some streaming platforms so you can choose where to listen to it.




And don’t forget to visit Claudia, Lyn and DIAMAR CLUB on their social media sites and let them know what you think of their music.


Instagram: LynClaudia

TikTok: DIAMAR CLUBLynClaudia


I‘m wandering around
I‘m roaming about
I‘m looking for you
I‘m searching for you
I‘m dancing like a leaf
in the wind
where are you now

I‘m so hungry for life
I‘m so hungry
for life, for light, for love
I‘m so hungry for love
for life, for light, for love
for life, for light, for love

I‘m thinking about you
I‘m wondering where are you
I‘m looking out for you
I‘m holding on to life
I‘m dancing like feather
it‘s cutting like a knife
through my restless heart

I‘m so hungry for life
I‘m so hungry
for life, for light, for love
I‘m so hungry for love
for life, for light, for love
for life, for light, for love

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