Lyn de la Llana

Lyn de la Llana Saavedra


Lyn is a singer and musician known to X-Perience fans for having participated as a second voice in the band’s concerts and for her various musical projects together with Claudia.


The first time we can hear Lyn on an official release is on Bernd Wendlandt and Ingo Politz’s project «Sandmann’s Dummies» with her vocals on the song «He Flies Over The Milky Way». It was this connection with Turbobeat, the producers of the first X-Perience album, that made her meet the Berlin trio in 1996. At that time, the band needed a second singer for gigs, to which Lyn gladly agreed.


So Lyn started to appear in the X-Perience concerts as a second voice, but she could also be heard in some studio recordings, like in «Because the Night«, the B-side of the single Am I Right.


But Lyn also continued to provide lead vocals on other musical projects such as «The Sun» by Thumb Brothers or «See You in Munich, See You in Berlin» by Glorious Victory until 2004, when she released under her own name «Physical», a cover of the Olivia Newton-John song, as a preview to her first album «Welcome to Mariland» which was to be released in 2005. In 2008 her second album «Star of the Show» was released. Marilyn’s style on these albums has an electronic pop base, exploring a multitude of influences, from dance and Eurotrance of the late 90s, to Latin and rock sounds.


For several years she ran an English school for children ( where music and games were an essential part of the teaching. This led to her musical project MissPOPkins, in which she regularly collaborates with Claudia in recording videos and songs in English and German, with a focus on bilingual education.


The long-lasting friendship between Lyn and Claudia and the experience gained with MissPOPkins led the two women to start new musical projects together as Klangraum 8 and Diamar Club, breaking away from the concept of bilingual education for children. Now they can work freely on their musical ideas, with a style of what they call «intuitive electropop», which is a way of saying that they make the music that they like and that comes from their soul, in a fresh and natural way, without imposing ties or limitations on themselves.


Currently Lyn and Claudia have 9 songs published under the names Klangraum8 and Diamar Club, but every Wednesday they meet to continue working on new songs and videos!


Name:Lyn de la Llana Saavedra
Place of residence:Berlin
Hair Colour:Brown
Hobbies:Reading, cooking, dreaming, music
Favourite Music:Röyksopp
First CD:Sandman’s Dummies
Proffesion:Singer, Musician
Instrument:Voice, synths, guitar
Bands:X-Perience, Diamar Club, Klangraum 8 MissPOPkings