A Fullfilled Dream: Meeting Matthias

When I found X-Perience, their music filled my heart with love, I spent day and night listening to the same songs and every day I discovered new details, subtle musical nuances that seemed to be whispered like a secret in plain sight, delicately placed, ready to be felt even if you hadn't been aware of it until that moment.

That magic in Matthias’ music is only found in X-Perience, how I wish I could meet him and tell him how I feel! But for this 13 year old boy in the late 90’s, meeting his idol was out of reach.

That’s why I could never forget the moment when I met him in Valicon last year, I don’t know if it was my heart that started beating faster or if it was the time that stopped, but the boy I had been, felt that all those times he had made the same wish, were fulfilled there, at that moment.

With Claudia, Matthias and Bernd. Great as Artist, Great as Friends. 🥰

During my stay in Berlin, I was able to meet Matthias on several occasions. To be able to have a quiet chat with your favourite artist and tell him what you feel and how you understand his music, is something I recommend to everyone, especially if you discover that you share the same vision about his music. To discover that, it’s as if even if we didn’t know each other, we had a link through music all those years ago.

Matthias is a wonderful person, he is calm, he is kind and with a sweet smile, it’s as if he radiates love and kindness.

On one of the occasions we met, Matthias showed me some new and old ideas he was working on (I couldn’t believe it! I was on cloud nine). The sixth album will be very different from what I heard that day, but I promise you that there was some real X-Perience material there!

I have to say that I have never met anyone who is so open to listen to criticism of his work and appreciate every opinion in order to improve. That gives you an idea of how Matthias feels about his music, of the importance it has for him and you can tell that to give the best is his maxim, the principle that governs his work.

i don’t know how i could ever thank you for all the love and friendship with which you received me, but i hope that your music will continue to be the link that connects our hearts.

Thanks to all the X-Perience family who were very kind to me, took care of me during my stay in Berlin and accompanied me to all those places I had been wanting to see for years. Like the Teufelsberg, where the promotional photos for Journey of Life were taken.


Finally I share with you some pictures I took there and the post I published on instagram about the place.


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