Circles of Love celebrates 26 years

Circles of Love 26 anniversary
Today is the 26th anniversary of the release of Circles Of Love, the first single the band released after their first record deal and with which X-Perience's music would spread beyond Berlin.

After selling out in one week the 1000 copies that the band had self-released, this new edition released by WEA continued the sales success all over Germany.

At the bottom of this page you can see previously unreleased excerpts from an interview and a live concert from February 1996 in Freiwalde.


But first let’s talk about the CD that celebrates its 26th release birthday today!

Circles Of Love

3 Vídeos

The recordings of this CD would be the same that had appeared in the edition distributed by the band, except for the instrumental song Daydream Part 1 that disappeared from this edition, leaving the CD in 3 tracks.


1 – the radio version with Axel Henninger’s production with which the band had reached number 1 on Berlin’s radio stations.


2 – that same produced version but with the original lyrics of Circles of Love (Thistles and Thorn)


3 – Finishing the CD, an instrumental version that was actually the music that the song had on the 1994 demotape when its name before being Circles of Love, was still «His Life».



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with this playlist we will take a journey through time.


In 1993 Claudia joined Metropolis, Alex and Matthias’ first band, as backing vocals. Little by little Claudia was gaining more prominence and in 1994 Matthias would have ready the first song composed expressly for his sister «His Life», which would soon be renamed Thistles & Thorn and already in 1995 working together with producer Alex Henninger and after several versions to find new lyrics, Circles of Love would arrive, first in the limited edition self-released by the band and in 1996 in the edition re-released by WEA at national level.


The success of the song was unstoppable and WEA released a new single with remixes, the new version remixed by S. Ramaekers and D.Sas made the public fall in love with it both on CD and in live performances and ended up appearing on the band’s first album.


In 2006 a new version of Circles of Love would arrive with the fourth album and celebrating 10 years since the release of the band’s first album, the new version would be produced by José Alvarez Brill and would also feature a new vocal take.


With the band’s return in 2020 and the new album 555, Circles of Love would be one of the 5 classic songs that the band would re-release with a new production, Circles of Love 555 would also be one of the 5 instrumental songs on the Deluxe version of the album.

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