New X-Perience instrumental versions of We Travel The World

X-Perience - We Travel the World (Instrumental Version) cover
X-Perience just released 12 new instrumental versions of the songs from their last album We Travel The World

It has been 6 months since the release of We Travel The World, the sixth X-Perience album that left us with our mouths open and our hearts full of love.


From the very day of release we could listen to the 11 new songs in their original format and in the extended version as well as the new version of My Life Goes On.


Today we have a new way to enjoy these 12 songs with the recently released instrumental version of We Travel The World, this time only in digital format.

We Travel The World - why instrumental versions?

If there is one thing that makes an impact when listening to the music of X-Perience, it is undoubtedly the voice of their singer Claudia, who is often said to have «the Voice of an Angel».


So why make an instrumental version by removing one of the most recognisable parts of the band?


Well, X-Perience is of course much more than Claudia’s incredible voice and Alex’s fantastic lyrics, and if there is one thing that has been fascinating about X-Perience’s music since their debut album, it is the amount of small sound details that remain subtly in the background, not wanting to hog the limelight, but somehow, even when listening unconsciously, make the songs feel complete.

But it’s when you do an advanced and conscientious listen that you can realise how each of these elements is placed in the mix and you may be surprised because it’s possible that you’ve been listening to an X-Perience song for months or years and one day you suddenly realise a new detail that you hadn’t noticed before.


In that aspect, X-Perience’s music is incredible and that’s why these instrumental versions of We Travel The World are going to allow us to discover a lot of things because the voice of our dear Claudi has been taken out of the foreground in the mix.


And of course, now that we have these instrumental versions, no one will be able to stop us from singing our favourite songs in the Karaoke!

We Travel The World - The Instrumental Playlist

Stream Links

The new instrumental versions started to appear day by day since February 16th on the new Youtube channel X-Perience Club managed by the band with video Lyrics each one with a different coloured background and inspired by the cover of We Travel the World.


Following is a calendar with the release dates for each song.

16-2-24We Travel The World (Instrumental Version)3’15»
18-2-24Dragonfly (Instrumental Version)3’50»
20-2-24The Train of Life is Rolling (Instrumental Version)3’26»
22-02-24Endless Summer (Instrumental Version)3’09»
24-02-23Conquest of Paradise (Instrumental Version)3’07»
26-02-24Nobody Cares Like You (Instrumental Version)4’24»
28-2-24Come Come (Instrumental Version)2’38»
1-3-24My Life Goes On (Instrumental Version)4’00»
3-3-24Say Thank You (Instrumental Version)3’09»
5-3-24We Will Live Forever (Instrumental Version)3’04»
7-3-24Wasted Time (Instrumental Version)3’24»
9-3-24And When We’re Dancing (Instrumental Version)3’29»

We Travel The World - instrumental streaming

If you are impatient to listen to all the instrumental versions and you don’t want to wait until the 9th of March, you can listen to them on some streaming services.

If you are a user of any of these services, it is possible that they don’t appear among the new releases, for some reason, the release date is set as August 4th 2023, but don’t worry! Here we leave you the direct links to the platforms that currently already have the new instrumental album!

We Travel The World - instrumental conclusion

Instrumental songs are no stranger to the band. Already on the first singles Circles of Love and A Neverending Dream they had instrumental versions of some of their remixes. More recently, with the album 555, I Feel Like You 555 included an instrumental version on the single and the album included 5 «karaoke» versions.


As the band commented in their statement on GetNext about this release, this is perhaps not a release for the general public, but rather additional content for the fan who likes to delve into the details of X-Perience’s music and those who like to sing along.

Anyway, we welcome with love these new versions and I would like you to tell us in the comments which one you liked the most and to say goodbye, we leave an idea in the air…


if by removing the voice track we get versions to sing in a karaoke… What if we try to remove the drums track to get ambient versions to listen to in a spa?

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