X-PERIENCE Live at Capitol Halle

The first X-Perience concert in 2024!. We bring you all the information about this fantastic concert.

On March 16th, X-Perience gave its first concert of 2024 in Halle, at the Capitol, a building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, long abandoned and rebuilt in the 90s, becoming one of the most mythical concert halls in central Germany.

A colourful night full of emotional moments, like when Claudia got off the stage and shared the dance floor with the fans or when they sang Happy Birthday to Claudia (15.03.76) and Matthias (17.03.74). Moments that made the stage distance between the band and the fans disappear, creating an unforgettable night for both parties.


from left to right: Matthias, Andreas, Claudia, Lyn and Bernd

Claudia and Matthias took the stage this time without Alex, who was unable to attend the concert due to health reasons. (Alex! From here we send you all our love and hope you are feeling better)!

So on this occasion, we had Bernd Wendlandt, the band’s producer, in Alex’s place, taking over keyboards and sequences and infecting the audience with his energy.

Halle was also able to enjoy the presence of Andreas Uhle, Matthias and Claudia’s father, whom everyone affectionately calls Papa Uhle. The trumpeter, much appreciated by the fans, added the sweet and warm touch of his trumpet to several songs, great classics of the band and novelties from the latest album.

Also making her «debut» after the return of X-Perience was Lyn de la Llana, who had been with the band for so many years and at so many concerts. She was unable to attend the Berlin concert at the last minute, but the desire to accompany her friends only grew and in Halle, we were finally able to enjoy her voice complementing Claudia, giving greater depth and harmony to the vocal section of X-Perience.


Selecting songs for a live show from X-Perience’s extensive repertoire is no easy task. Although I think they manage to strike a good balance between the songs you expect, a mix of the latest releases and the greatest hits, along with a few surprises to set each evening apart.

1. We travel the World
2. I Don’t Care (New Version)
3. Say Thank You
4. Circles of Love (555 Version)
5. Moonlight Shadow
6. Conquest of Paradise
7. A Neverending Dream (555 Version)
8. Come, Come
9. Cruisin’ Wild
10. I’ll Remember
11. I Feel Like You 555
12. Mirror
13. Magic Fields (555 Version)
14. Never Look Back
15. My Life Goes On
16. Dragonfly
17. Wasted Time
18. Return to Paradise
19. I Don’t Care (original 97)
20. Game of Love
21. We will Live Forever
22. A Neverending Dream (Original 96)

Of the 11 songs on the new album, 7 were performed in Halle, plus the new song, I’ll Remember.

As for the review of the rest of the albums we had:

  • 5th album: 555

With I Feel Like You 555, Never Look Back and Cruisin’ Wild, we have an overview of the releases from 2020 to 2022.

  • 4th album: Lost in Paradise

The last album before the long break was that night represented by the beautiful ballad, Return to Paradise.

  • 3rd album: Journey of Life

It didn’t have a direct representation, but they did recover a song from that time, a rarity that was never released, we are talking about Moonlight Shadow, a Mike Oldfield cover that the band was about to release as a single, but in the end it was only shown as a free download for fans on the old X-Perience website.

  • 2nd album: Take Me Home

Here we had the first surprise of the night, we had known for a long time that the band was working on a new version of I Don’t Care and tonight we could hear it for the first time!

Towards the end of the evening, the original versions of I Don’t Care and Game of Love were played, two titles loved by the fans and that with the presence of Papa Uhle on trumpet, could not be missed.

  • 1st album: Magic Fields

Here is the trio that can never be missed, Circles of Love, A Neverending Dream and Magic Fields, but with the updated 555 flavour.

But they did rescue, in its original mix, Two great classic that the band played live for the first time since their comeback, My Life Goes On and Mirror.

A total of 22 songs kept the rhythm of the night going at Capitol. From the opening intro with We Travel the World to the classic 96 version of A Neverending Dream, which could not be missed to close the night on a high note.


We bring you this playlist with the videos that our friends Markus and Lars have shared. If you take a look at their Youtube channels you will discover videos of other X-Perience concerts!


If you attended the concert and took recordings, we have opened a link so you can share your photos and videos with the fanclub and make a multi-camera montage like the ones in Berlin. 🥰👍




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