Personal Heaven 15th Anniversary

X-Perience and Midge Ure Personal Heaven 15th anniversary
Today is the 15th anniversary of Personal Heaven, the second single from the album Lost in Paradise in which Claudia sings a duet with Midge Ure, the legendary singer of Ultravox.

On this occasion, to celebrate it, we have prepared a video in which we have gathered the versions that appear in the singles together with the images of the two videoclips that were released, the first one accompanying the radio version and the second one accompanying the desert dream remix. There are also some images from the making off.

Personal Heaven was actually a song composed by Midge Ure (Ultrabox!) and Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) in 2001 for the album «Little Orphans», when the idea of a collaboration with X-Perience came up, this song was the best choice because it could work perfectly as a duet for Midge and Claudia, but also because it matched perfectly with the overall message of the fourth album.


Here is a playlist with the video clips for the different versions, a Making Of, a live unplugged version and an instrumental version that was never released



And if you want to know more about Personal Heaven, we recommend you to visit the links to our release archive.


Personal Heaven Red Edition


Personal Heaven Green Edition


and to the instagram posts from previous years where you can see an analysis of the tracklist and some more curiosities.


Which is your favourite version of Personal Heaven? tell us in the comments! 😘❤

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